Rules are to be followed for your own, and your team members' safety

  • Shoes are to be worn in all events.  Athletes will not be allowed to compete if not wearing shoes
  • Gympie Little Athletic Club Uniforms are compulsory for Friday Night Meetings and all competitions (No Uniform No Points)
  • Children are to remain on the oval in supervised  areas on competition night with designated Team Leaders
  • Only use equipment when supervised by an adult. This includes throwing implements as well as high jump gear
  • Before crossing the track, check that an event is not in progress.  Competitors are entitled to an uninterrupted event
  • Athletes are reminded to be GOOD SPORTS. Congratulate and support your team mates and be polite to officials and spectators
  • SPIKES are to be removed at the finish of events
  • If your event is the last of the night, please assist the officials to put the equipment away
  • Visitors are reminded that GLASS is not to be brought to Albert Park under any circumstances.  Penalty applies - $25 fine from the Recreation Association
  • As we share the grounds with the Cricket Assoc., it would be appreciated  if all athletes and spectators stay of the pitches.  Roped off areas are not to be crossed
  • All Friday Night Competition Nights will count as Championship Points;  except Friday Nights prior to Regional or State Competition (alternative Competition on these nights will be arranged). There will be no medical certificates considered. The Program can be changed without notice.
  • To be eligible to compete in ‘Individuals’ all athletes must compete in a minimum of 4 nights competition with a minimum of 16 events prior to nominations closing. To be eligible for age championships, athletes must compete in a minimum of 10 nights with a minimum of 40 events
  • U10 Athletes may wear moulded spikes in all events
  • U11/U12 Athletes may only wear spikes in laned events and all field events, excluding shotput, discus and walks.
  • U13 - U15 Athletes may wear spikes in all laned & unlaned events, and all field events excluding shot put, discus and walks.
  • Parents should not spike or measure own child’s distance for field events. In case of a record; swap with other parent helpers
  • An official must be called to verify a record.
  • All rules of the club are for the athlete's benefit and protection, so  please abide by them. If the rules are not obeyed, the offenders will  be asked to stop competing for the night. If infringements continue the  offenders will be sent home.


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Athletics is a great individual and group activity, where the aim is to do the absolute best you can.

Gympie Amateur Athletics Club is for athletes of all ages.


Gympie Amateur Athletics Club